Living Universe RP


Original idea: DrCas#6306 (Discord)

Adaptation to discord: I Am The Law#7705 (Discord)


RP Lore:
The Concept of this RP is a Sci-Fi universe where many species live among each other. Some planets and factions are closed off, and there are some that have yet to be discovered. Pirates are a major problem to galactic shipping lanes, and have their own hideouts on unmarked planets. Humanity has expanded into the universe at an exponential rate sparking a series of comments along the lines of “breed like rabbits” from other races. Planets such as Ranata have a high human population, but a large mix of over species. There are no gigantic factions that reside over the systems like the Empire from Star Wars. But there are alliances made up of multiple factions that create that sort of effect. (Hartsoc Systems in #factions for example) Terrorist factions and alliances are the biggest threat to the peace of the universe and tend to create wars between alliances, destroy planets, and take part in other illegal (deemed by intergalactic law) activities